• We begin today with WOLF PACK PRIDE!  This is Hispanic Heritage Month — and we at Williamsburg are celebrating the diversity that helps to enrich our shared environment.  Roughly 55-MILLION people in the United States are of Hispanic or Latina descent. This month gives us an opportunity to recognize and learn all about these amazing cultures — which have made such an enormous impact on our country for HUNDREDS of years.
    And as an introduction to Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve got a question for you: do you know the difference between “Hispanic” and “Latina?” Well, you’re about to find out! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, amigos!
  • And now for a Technology Tip from Ms. Solomon: All students, LISTEN UP!!! Do NOT upgrade your iPads to iOS 12.0. Again — DON’T upgrade your iPad with the new operating system. It has NOT been approved by APS, and could cause problems with the network and testing. If you do upgrade to 12.0, your iPad will need to be wiped. See Ms. Solomon with any questions.
  • Calling all MUNners!  The first official meeting of the year is scheduled for TODAY during ASP 1 in the WOLF DEN.  New AND returning members are encouraged to attend — as you’ll be getting right to work with Country Projects, Practice Debates, and signing up for upcoming Model UN conference this Fall.  See Ms. Carlson with any questions.
  • Love the Earth? Interested in doing things to help the planet? Then join the WMS Eco-Action Green Club!  The first meeting is TODAY in room 111. See Ms. Zarro or Ms. Thomas with any questions.
  • The WMS Tennis Team will be practicing TODAY after school.  Players are reminded to meet at the bus loop for the walk over to Yorktown.  You’ll be gearing-up for a big match against Kenmore next Tuesday.  See Mr. Seeger with any questions.
  • Hey 8th graders! How would you like to go to one of the top High Schools in the country?  Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.  But applications are due TOMORROW at 4 pm — so don’t delay. Just go to the TJ Admissions website to apply, or see your counselor for more information.  Good luck!
    *CLICK HERE* for more info and to apply —
  • And finally today — we have an important announcement from the WMS administration team.  Being a good neighbor and respecting others is BIG part of what we need to do to be good citizens — whether you’re here in school, or out in the community.
    Recently, several business at the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center have reported some disturbing incidents involving young people, including: littering, rough housing, running into other patrons, and using inappropriate language.  To be blunt — that type of behavior is not just disappointing, it’s unacceptable.
    Mr. Boykin, Ms. Osler, Mr. Hicks, and Mr. ‘K’ are all on the same page about this — if you go to Lee-Harrison after school, you are still expected behave responsibly. Remember — Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect our Shared Environment!


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