Welcome to the Library

The Williamsburg Library is an engaging learning space for all students. From 7:25 am until the end of the day, students are reading, studying, volunteering, learning and working together.

Library Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 7:30 am – 4:15 pm
Wednesday & Friday- 7:30 am – 2:24pm (CLOSED after school)

You can check your library record from home.


  • click “Login” in the upper right hand corner
  • login using your OneLogin

From DestinyQuest App:

If you have any questions, please ask library staff.

Media Center Materials

  • Books – approximately 15,000 books are in the collection
  • Magazines – 50 titles for both students and teachers include popular periodicals such as Time, People, and Sports Illustrated For Kids
  • Newspapers – 5 popular local and national papers in print form and online keep patrons current with the ever changing events of the day. These include: The Arlington Connection,  The Sun Gazette,  USA Today,   The Washington Post.
  • Audio Books – 185 popular fiction and nonfiction titles all unabridged. Our newest ones are in MP3 format and are called Playaways
  • Videos – 585 videos and DVDs support the curriculum. Videos circulate only to staff.
  • Professional Library – over 200 books and journals to supplement and enhance teaching. These materials circulate only to staff.

Circulation of Materials

  • Books circulate for a 3 week period.
  • Reference books circulate overnight only. They may be checked out after 7th period and must be returned before T-A the following morning.
  • Magazines circulate overnight only (new magazines do not circulate)
  • Newspapers are used in the Media Center and do not circulate.
  • Recorded Books (Playaways) circulate for a 3 week period.
  • Videos circulate only to staff for one week.

Library Staff

Sherry Lord – Librarian sherry.lord@apsvs.us
Diane Mazziotti Tan – Librarian  diane.tan@apsva.us
Stephanie Scott – Library Media Assistant stephanie.scott@apsva.us




Williamsburg Library

2 librarians & a library designed w/ 2 instructional areas = 2 different & CRAAP lessons & checkout for 6th gr @APSLibrarians #wmsresearches
Published February 17, 17 12:51PM

Williamsburg Library

RT @VATeacher32: Mr. Klink when are we doing this again? Ok @DBQProject not as if I wasn't sold before but they loved the Thrash Out!
Published February 16, 17 9:36AM

Williamsburg Library

CRAAP w/ 7th gr using Amelia Earhart. Also sharing info from @candacemfleming book Amelia Lost. Ss are intrigued by the NJ rumor. @SSatWMS
Published February 16, 17 9:15AM