Arlington Middle Schools Interscholastic Athletic Program

There has been a change in the way student’s sports physicals are submitted. All VHSL sports form must be submitted to Ms. Hogwood during lunch, electronic copies are no longer accepted. Students will be reminded to check the website and whiteboard outside of the cafeteria for physical due dates. Students will not be permitted to tryout or join the sports teams without a physical (a complete physical consist of five pages). Students only need to turn in one physical for the school year.  Below are the physical due dates and season/tryout start dates for the upcoming seasons:  

Early Fall Sports important dates:

Co-Ed Tennis: physical due date: 9/9/22 (tryout start date: 9/12/22)

Girls’ Soccer: physical due date: 9/9/22 (tryout start date: 9/12/22)

Boys’ Ultimate: physical due date: 9/9/22 (start date: 9/12/22)

Cheerleading: physical due date: 9/9/22 (tryout start date: 9/12/22)

Late Fall Sports important dates:

Girls’ Basketball: physical due date: 10/14/22 (tryout start date: 10/17/22)

Boys’ Soccer: physical due date: 10/18/22 (tryout start date: 10/19, 20, & 25 (26 if needed)

Girls’ Ultimate: physical due date:  9/30/22 (start date: 10/11/22)   

Winter sports important dates: 

Boys’ Basketball: physical due date: 12/16/22 (tryout start date: 1/3/23)

Wrestling: physicals due date: 12/16/22 (start date: 1/3/23)

Swimming & Dive: physicals due date: 2/17/23 (start date: 2/21/23)  

Spring sports important dates:  

Track: physical due date: 3/10/23 (tryout start date: 3/13/23)

Required Forms:

Physical Form

APA Form

Williamsburg Student Activities Coordinator – Ashley Hogwood (

Mission Statement

Arlington Middle Schools Athletics is a developmental program that promotes the academic, physical, psychological and social growth of the student athlete.

Goals of the Middle School Athletic program focus on:

  • Development of the student athlete
  • Sportsmanship
  • Promotion of a successful and positive experience for all

Development of the student-athlete includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  1. Academic – maintaining high educational and behavioral standards in the school community they represent. Student-athletes are to think of themselves as students first and athletes second.
  2. Physical – learning sport skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries
  3. Psychological – learning to control their emotions and developing feelings of self-worth
  4. Social – learning cooperation in a competitive context and appropriate standards of behavior

Sportsmanship includes but is not limited to:

  • A passionate effort to be successful with a commitment to be fair, honest, and respectful, and honor the rules of the game
  • The six pillars of character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship)
  • A code of conduct for student-athletes, coaches, managers, parents, fans, and administrators

Promotion of a successful and positive experience for all includes but is not limited to:

  • The assurance that student-athletes are to think of themselves as students first and athletes second. Success is represented in many forms (improvement in team and individual performance, achievement of team and personal goals, etc.) and does not always equate to winning.
  • Participation in student athletic activity that is fun and also a significant part of the educational program that represents the high standards of ethics and sportsmanship while developing good character.

Required forms

All Students Must Have a current physical (all five pages) on the First Day of Tryouts, dated 5/1/2022 (of current year) or after.

Sports Participation Requirements

  • In order to participate/tryout student athletes must have a current sports physical exam form (VHSL) on file with the school. In addition, students also need to be in good academic standing.
  • The physical exam must be dated after May 1st of the current school year (2022).
  • The Athletic Participation Agreement must be signed before trying out for a sports team. (See link to form below)
  • Eligibility forms are required for participants – Student athletes must be passing each of their classes in order to participate in after-school sports.
  • Tryouts and practices take place after school from 2:40 PM to 4:05 PM
  • Sports buses depart WMS promptly at 2:35 for ALL away games. Players who are not at door 14 at 2:35 will be left at WMS.
  • Late buses will be provided for student bus riders staying after school. Late buses depart WMS at 4:15pm
  • If you have any questions, please call/email Ms. Hogwood ( at 703-228-2446.
  • Optional Student Accident Insurance

Procedure for WMS Sport Tryouts

All athletes trying out for a WMS sports team will be asked to sign in on the first day of tryouts, indicating their full names and grade level. Each athlete trying out will be assigned a number. Coaches will evaluate all athletes by their assigned numbers. Athletes invited to the 2nd or 3rd day of tryouts will see their numbers posted outside of the cafeteria on the bulletin board labeled “sports”. Final rosters will also be posted on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria. Picked teams or final rosters will reflect the assigned number of the athlete and not their name.

Yorktown High School Sports:

  • If your 8th grader wishes to tryout for a sport at Yorktown the VHSL Physical from MUST be filled out completely.
  • Please visit the Yorktown site to find more information about Yorktown Sports.

 Williamsburg Middle School Sports

Sports buses depart WMS promptly at 2:35 for ALL away games. Players who are not at door 14 at 2:35 will be left at WMS.

*Dates are subject to change – postponements and makeups will be announced through the Morning Announcements and on the website*

Today’s (Tuesday, November 15th) Boys’ Soccer game has been cancelled!

 Boys’ Soccer

Soccer Schedule

Boys’ Soccer Interest meeting Wednesday, October 12th on the turf field!

Physicals are due: 10.18.22

Season Start Date: 10/19, 20, & 25 (maybe 26)
Coach: Chris Treble
Season: Fall (Oct. – Dec.)
Team Size: 22


There are only three tennis practices left before the county championships! Practices will be held on: 10.12, 10.13, & 10.17!

The Tennis county championship will be Tuesday, October 18th & Wednesday, October 19th!

Co-Ed Tennis

Tennis Schedule

Physicals are due: 9.9.22

Season Start Date: 9.12.22
Coach: Mr. Mencarini
Season: Fall (Sept. – Oct.)
Team Size: 18

Tryouts required (please bring an unopened can of tennis balls to tryouts)

(WMS practice and play home matches at YHS tennis courts)

Boys’ Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Schedule 


Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee


Physicals are due: 9.9.22

Season Start Date: 9.12.22

Coach: Will Smolinski

Season: Fall (Sept. – Oct.)

Team size: N/A

Physicals are due: 9.30.22

Season Start Date: 10.6.22

Coach: Will Smolinski 

Season: Fall (Oct. – Nov.)

Team size: N/A


WINTER Cheer tryouts! Winter cheer tryouts are here! Interested in cheering for the winter basketball season, please attend practice on the following days: 11/29 &11/30. Tryouts will be held on 12/5 in the Aux GYM. Make sure you have your physical turned in!


Cheer follows the Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball schedules

Physicals are due: 9.9.22

Season Start Date: 9.12
Coach: Zina Herb
Season: Fall & Winter (Oct. – Feb.)
Team size: TBA

Tryouts required

  • Students trying out for girls’ basketball  must have their physicals turned in by 10:45am on Tuesday, October 18th & Wednesday, October 19th. Ms. Hogwood is leaving WMS at 11:30 today, October 18th and Wednesday, October 19th to attend the Two-day Middle school tennis championship. If your name is not on my master list of physical by 10:45am today, October 18 or Wednesday, October 19th, you cannot tryout until I return on Thursday, October 20th.

Tryout Dates:

10.17, 10.18,  & 10.19

Girls’ Basketball

Girls’ Basketball Schedule


Physicals are due: 10.14.22

Season Start Date: 10.17.22

Coach: Lisa Warden

Season: Fall (Oct. – Dec.)

Team Size: 12

Tryouts required

Girls’ Soccer


Girls’ Soccer Schedule

Physicals are due: 9.9.22

Season Start Date: 9.12.22
Coach: Chris Treble
Season: Fall (Sept. – Oct.)
Team size:  22

Tryouts required

Wrestling Physicals are due: 12.16.22

Season Start Date: 1.3.23
Coach: Sam Mencarini
Season: Winter (Jan. – Feb.)
Team size: N/A

No tryouts

Boys’ Basketball Physicals are due: 12.16.22

Season Start Date: 1.3.22
Coach: Lisa Warden
Season: Winter(Jan. – Feb.)
Team size: 13

Tryouts required



Swim & Dive Schedule 


Physicals are due: 2.17.23

Season Start Date: 2.21.23
Coaches:  Torin Ortmayer (swim) & Amy Kress (dive)

Season: Winter (Jan. – April)
Team size:

(WMS will practice and host home meets at YHS pool)

Four dives required to join

Track & Field

Track & Field Schedule

Physicals are due: 3.10.23

Season Start Date: 3.13.23
Coach: Chris Treble & Lisa Warden
Season: Spring (March-May)
Team size: 75-80 students

Tryouts required