Academic Planning Course Selection FAQ



Questions have been sorted into categories in the table below and similar questions combined for some answers.



Intensified Courses

What is the difference between intensified and regular courses? Intensified levels of any courses cover the same content and pacing as the regular level of the course. The difference is the the built in extensions in the intensified courses for students to engage in the standards at a deeper level.
Do middle school intensified courses serve as pre-requisites for any other courses? No, there are no APS high school courses that require a student to take middle school intensified courses. However, if a student is thinking about applying to Thomas Jefferson High School, it is required for them to be in all intensified options of coursework in 8th grade in order to apply.
How are we supposed to decide if intensified is a good option for our child? We advise students sign up for intensified courses in areas were they have a strong interest or ability in that content so they can engage in the content at that deeper level.
How much homework will an intensified class have as compared to the non intensive class? Additional homework is not a differentiation for the intensified courses.
If a child takes the regular class instead of the intensified and is in the gifted program, do they still receive gifted services? The extensions students find in the intensified courses are also a part of the regular course if students choose to engage in.

Elective Courses

Is there a summary of elective courses? Yes, all courses have a brief overview of the course in the Program of Studies. Link:
What does it mean for a student to take a high school credit elective course such as coding? High school elective courses taken in middle school can count as elective courses in the categories outlined in the two diploma options. If a student takes another course in high school in sequence with the course taken in middle school, the student can use it as their CTE required sequence.
My child is interested in taking Chinese. He will be starting from scratch and is motivated to learn. How hard is this class? World Languages begin with foundations in Level I of the course. Though some students may have additional exposure to the language, the Level I of World Languages do start at a foundational level.

High School Graduation Requirements and Courses

Does my child need to take a different language in high school than they do in middle school? What if my child wants to switch their language It is a students choice to switch a language. The World Language criteria for the advanced diploma can be earned with either 3 years of one language or 2 year of two languages


Does my student need a support class such as math strategies or structure literacy? Notification to families will be made towards the end of the school year after additional assessments have been given to determine if a student would be recommended to be enrolled in a support class. These classes will be in place of an elective choice, with the exception of structured literacy in 6th grade.
Can you please link the presentation? All presentations and CRFs can be found on the main Academic Planning page of the WMS website.
Is there a tennis team? When do tryouts begin? Yes, it is the first sport students can participate in at the beginning of the school year. Athletics and other after school activities can be found on the WMS Website.
How are siblings scheduled who are in the same grade level? We schedule siblings in the same grade level on the same team to help parents when working with a multitude of teachers. However, we restrict siblings from having classes together unless we are unable to (example: both siblings choose band and they play the same category of instrument).