E-books and Online Magazines

Electronic Resources

Students will need to download the following apps to borrow and access WMS’s electronic resources on school issued iPads: Destiny Read, MackinVIA, and Flipster.

Destiny Discover, MackinVIA, Flipster icons


WMS library offers access to two e-book collections. E-books and e-audiobooks can be accessed from the online library catalog and the Destiny Discover app or through the MackinVIA app. Instructions for using the apps are below.

Online Magazines

WMS students have access to an online magazine service called Flipster. Students can download the Flipster app from the app catalog. Please email the library staff if you need the username and password.

Comics Plus

This collection of graphic novels and manga is available to students through the MackinVIA app, and is listed under databases. All books in this database are multi-user, so they are always available to read.

Instructions for the MackinVIA app and Destiny Discover library catalog and app to access e-books and e-audiobooks:

MackinVIA App


To log into the MackinVIA App:

  • Type Williamsburg into the school field and choose Williamsburg Middle School.
  • Wait for the screen to show just the school name and the “login” button.
  • Click “login” and choose the blue bar that says “APS MyAccess.”
  • Login:
    • Username = id number
    • Password = your password

Video Instructions

Destiny Discover

To log into Destiny Discover:

  • Click this link to the library catalog
  • Choose Virginia in the “location” drop down menu
  • Type Williamsburg into the school field and choose Williamsburg Middle School.
  • Login by pressing on the blue bar that says “APS MyAccess.”
    • Username = id number
    • Password = your  password
  • Download the Destiny Discover app to view downloaded materials offline

Video Instructions

Please stop by the WMS library and ask library staff for assistance, or email, if you have any difficulty.