If you incorrectly do the settings for PowerTest, please follow the below directions.

  1. Open PowerTest on the iPad
  2. Tap and hold the computer icon in the bottom left corner of screen until a box appears with a blinking cursor. (It’ll seem like you’re holding it a long time—could be 15 seconds.)
  3. Type “help” followed by today’s date backwards (e.g. Today is the 19th, so help91 for today. If today were the 4th, you’d type help40.)
  4. The Diagnostic Panel will open on the left side of the screen. Click the Settings button in the upper left of that panel.
  5. Location Selection menu will open
  6. Tap United States
  7. Tap Virginia
  8. Tap Arlington. The Client Code box should now read VA_ARLINGTON
  9. Tap Apply (This step crucial!)
  10. Tap OK

Some PowerSchool screen shots of this are available here: http://aahelp.powerschool.com/administering-an-assessement/powertest/ipad-itest-app/change-selected-district-2/