APS Password Help

Directions for changing password (for any APS employee):

  1. Login to Rapid Identity at: https://myaccess.apsva.us
  2. If it’s the old look -> Click on “Profiles”. -> Select “Change your password”.
  3. If it’s the new look -> Click on your name on the top bar -> Select “Change Password”
  4. Type in your current password.
  5. Type in your new password and the re-type your new password.  (Password needs to be at least 10 characters long)
  6. Click on “Save” when finished changing your password.
  7. Refresh your website page and login with your new password.

If you have a PC laptop and changed your password, please do the following while in an APS school.

-> Don’t log into your laptop (or if you’re logged in, log out of the laptop). Hardwire the laptop into the network using an ethernet cable. Make sure that the cable is also plugged into a data jack.-> Log into the laptop with your new password.


-> Power down the laptop and power it back up. You may have to do this multiple times. Log into the PC laptop with your new password.

If you have a PC laptop and changed your password while working at home…you will need to use your old password to log into the laptop, but your new password to log into the APS resources. You need to do this until you hardwire the laptop in an APS school and log into the laptop while hardwired.

If you have a Mac laptop and changed your password, you need to do the following to access the APS WiFi. You do NOT need to do this at home, but will need to once you get to an APS building.

  1. Click on the airport bars on the top right corner.
  2. Go down to Open Network Preferences.
  3. Click on the lock icon on the lower left corner of the window and put in your MacBook password.
  4. Click on Advanced button (log in with the password for your MacBook when you first log into the MacBook).
  5. In the following window, click on APS (listed under Preferred Networks).
  6. Click on the – button.
  7. Click on the 802.1X button and make sure that there isn’t anything listed on the left side of the window. If there is, then click on it and click on the – button to remove those settings.
  8. Then click on the Apply button.
  9. Click on the airport bars on the top right corner.
  10. Turn off the Wi Fi and then turn it back on.
  11. A window should open asking you for your username and password.
  12. Type in your firstname.lastname and your new password.

Please note that the password to log into your MacBook is the same as the password you used to first configure the MacBook. This will be the case unless you change your user account settings in the System Preferences.

To change your password in the WiFi settings for your APS issued iPad….

Change your password in the Wifi settings.

  1. To do this go to Settings -> Wifi settings. Click on the “i” button and select Forget this network. Go back to the Wifi settings -> select APS network and log in with your username and new password.
  2. Change your password within the email setting on your iPad.