APS Acceptable Use and Responsibillity Agreement

APS Acceptable Use & Responsibility Agreement for Students and Families with Digital Learning Devices

Arlington Public Schools issues devices to students in grades 3-12 to help you learn. When you use your issued device, or access the APS network, you must follow School Board Policy I- Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use (AUP). We encourage you to read over these rules and guidelines with your family and discuss how you can be responsible when using your APS-owned device. Here are some important reminders from the AUP and APS Handbook. You can find more information at: https://www.apsva.us/digital-learning/.

  • Follow Arlington Public Schools rules when using your device and the APS network.
  • Follow school rules and staff instructions when using your device and the APS network.
  • Report inappropriate content to a teacher or administrator immediately.
  • Report security or hardware problems to a teacher or administrator immediately.
  • Follow copyright and fair-use laws.
  • Only audio-record, photograph, or video-record others with their knowledge and permission.
  • Only use the device and accessories issued to you.
  • Only use applications from the APS app catalog or that have been authorized by APS.
  • Keep your devices and accessories where you can find them and see them.
  • Leave your case on your device.
  • Keep the device clean and free of stickers and drawings.
  • Keep all food and drink away from your device.
  • Avoid leaving your device in a vehicle for long periods of time, and try to keep it out of plain sight.Your device is owned by Arlington Public Schools.
  • Your family is financially responsible for any loss or damage to your issued device and its accessories, such as the charger, that are caused by intentional (on purpose) or negligent (careless) acts.