PE Clothes for WMS

  • Proper Dress:  Students wear WMS PE uniforms purchased at school (shirt and shorts), tennis shoes, and socks.  Optional sweats may be worn over PE clothes, but cannot be a part of the student’s regular clothes for the day.  Sweat suits may be purchased at the beginning of the year.
  • For consistency students should wear the PE clothes for the week.  Uniforms are brought to school clean on Monday and taken home on Friday to be washed.  Students may purchase more than one uniform if they would like to bring them home half way through the week.
  • Written in permanent marker, students’ names must be clearly visible on the front of the shirt and shorts.
  • No jewelry or other accessories are permitted during PE Class, i.e. wrist watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or dangling earrings.
  • No flip flops, Uggs, deck shoes (Sperry), boots, open toed or Toms.

WMS PE Shorts
Shorts – $10.00

WMS PE Shirt
Shirt – $8.00


PE. Shorts

Shorts – $10.00