McTavish, Emily

Williamsburg Choir and Guitar Page!quarter and eighth notes

Office Hours:

7:30am – 3:00pm

Period 2: Mixed Choir (8th Grade)

Period 4: Guitar (7th & 8th Grade)
Period 5: Treble Choir (7th Grade)
Period 6: Concert Choir (6th Grade)
Period 7: Concert Choir (6th Grade)


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Williamsburg Choirs

RT @YorktownChoirs: Second day of District 12 chorus at Marshall HS! Everything is going well and the students are preparing some amazing m…
Published February 08, 19 6:27PM

Williamsburg Choirs

RT @JodyOslerWMS: JES, TES, NES 5th graders- Welcome to WMS and enjoy the show! WMS choir, orchestra, band...on 🔥! Stay tuned for some vide…
Published February 06, 19 5:56PM


  • 6th Grade HR
  • Guitar
  • Advanced Chorus
  • Beginning Chorus
  • Intermediate Chorus