Dec. 3 // Picture Retake Day

Make Up Picture Day – Tuesday, December 3.  Did you miss picture day? Or maybe you didn’t like your photo? Not to worry! LifeTouch will be back at Williamsburg on Tuesday, December 3. Retakes will take place in the AUX gym during TA and Wolf Time, as follows:

8th grade: TA (7:50 am – 8:10 am)
7th grade: WT (11:05 am – 11:38 am)
6th grade: WT (11:40 am – 12:13 am)

If you did not get your picture taken on the original picture day, you can purchase packages at Picture day ID is HJ279015Q1. For those getting retakes, bring your complete photo package to school on picture day. Students turn in their original pictures when getting their new picture taken.