Congratulations to WMS 7th grade science teacher Ms. Katie Willet – the APS Middle School Teacher of the Year!

Katie Willet, a teacher at Williamsburg Middle School, is the APS Middle School Teacher of the Year.
As a teacher who holds National Board Certification (NBCT), Willet is a leader within the school when it comes to personalized learning. “She has organized her seventh-grade science class in such a way that students set their own individualized learning goals and pursue learning activities at their own pace,” Hayley Post, a colleague of Willet wrote in her nomination essay. “She has worked closely with university professors in her field to gain a deeper knowledge of personalized learning, and continues to implement and refine best practices in her classroom daily.” Willet’s expertise has led to her presenting at national conferences for science educators.

Willet instills in her students self-awareness of learning styles and time management. “It is exciting to listen to her students, some of whom are future scientists in the making, converse behind the scenes about their science fair topics,” Post wrote. “She recognizes students’ potential and pushes them to be their best versions of themselves. Her rigorous teaching methods prepare students for eighth grade and beyond.”

Willet is a leader in her school community. She has invested a tremendous amount to serving in various leadership roles. She has been the school’s Instructional Lead Teacher and has served as team leader many times over the years. She also serves on the Teachers’ Council on Instruction, where she tirelessly advocates for the needs of students and staff. “In between all these extra meetings she somehow finds time to show up with treats, including homemade pop tarts made with homemade jam,” Post wrote.