Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are being held on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25, 2019. P-T conferences are conducted in an arena-style; this means that parents do not make individual appointments to meet with their students teachers. Instead, parents can come at a convenient time for them during the designated hours.  Teachers will be located in […]

Back to School Night, 2019

Hello, Wolf Pack!  This is not a dream.  You actually ARE back in Middle School! . Before heading out into the halls this evening, there’s just a few things you need to know.  We will be following a condensed C-Day schedule — which means you’ll be attending all SEVEN of your child’s classes, plus TA.  […]


There’s a LOT to do today — so let’s start with the basics. First off, we will be running on a “C-Day” schedule today.  TA ends at 8:10, and then you’ll proceed to all SEVEN classes and meet all of your teachers.  Staff will be posted throughout the halls to help you find your way. […]


The SOLs roll-on here at WMS — but they’re a little different today. MAKE-UP testing will be conducted in the Library following Wolf Time this morning — at 8:30 a.m. The following tests are being administered:  Reading for all grades; 7th grade Civics & Economics; 8th grade World Geography; 8th grade Science; and Math 7.  […]


**CLICK HERE for the Arlington Student FilmFest application** We begin today with WOLF PACK PRIDE!  This morning, Williamsburg will be hosting its first ever “On a Roll” Ceremony — recognizing a group of OUTSTANDING young people from the 6th, 7th and 8th grade — all of whom were selected by their teachers.  The honorees will […]


We begin today with WOLF PACK PRIDE!!  This week, we are proud to announce the unveiling of: the WMS Kindness Tree — on display NOW in the main lobby.  The tree represents kindness, respect, and love.  Its branches reach upwards towards the sky — uplifting all the students, staff, and community members who pass by […]


We begin today with an exciting announcement from the Williamsburg Student Council Association. . Please welcome to WOLF-TV a pair of special guests to tell you all about it. . SOPHIE:  Good morning, Williamsburg!  I’m Sophie D., your SCA President. . TAGERT:  And I’m Mr. Tagert, the SCA advisor.  I’ve got a question for you:  […]


It’s official!  We haven’t had a single full-day of school even ONCE this entire week.  Due to the delayed opening — we will be running on a modified schedule today. Be sure to check with your TA teachers for class and lunch times..And remember — there is NO Wolf Time today, so please proceed directly […]


Attention 8th graders! Today, the PATRIOTS team will be visiting the Arlington Career Center. These tours are NOT just for students who plan to apply to Arlington Tech. Many of you will take courses at the Career Center while in high school, and this is your chance to see everything it has to offer. Patriots […]


By now, everyone should have received their 1st Day Packets in TA.  Students are reminded to get all those forms filled-out and returned by the end-of-the-week. And don’t forget your 7-dollars for your agenda! . And now for a “technology tip” from Ms. Solomon!  If you are having any problems with your school-issued iPad — […]