Welcome to the 1st day of a brand-new school year!!

As we dive back in to our academic routine, please take some time this week to familiarize yourself with the new bell schedule.

TA now ends at 7:58, and then begins WOLF TIME — a special period everyday that provides students an opportunity for extended learning and practice — which runs until 8:30.

For now, all students will remain in their TAs for Wolf Time — but come October you will begin to rotate to new classrooms with new teachers.

Also, during our 1st week, 6th graders will be dismissed a few minutes early at the end of the day — at 2:20 — so they’ll have plenty of time to get to their lockers and the school bus home. Don’t forget, teachers!

Girls Soccer tryouts are scheduled to begin next week: MONDAY for 6th graders, TUESDAY 7th, and THURSDAY for 8th grade. Interested athletes are encouraged to sign up on the activity board by the cafeteria, or see Coach Girard ASAP with any questions or scheduling concerns. Last year’s squad went UNDEFEATED and won the County Championship — so we’ve got high hopes for this year’s team. Let’s go get it, soccer wolves!!

That’s all for now, but we look forward to seeing you all in the hall.  So show your WOLF PACK PRIDE and let’s have a fantastic year!!