Posted by Jeffrey Schonfeld at 6/22/2016

  • It’s PROMOTION DAY for our 8th graders!  The ceremony is scheduled to begin promptly at 8:15 this morning — so participants are asked to make their way to the Gym immediately following the morning announcements.  Overflow seating will be in the Auditorium, and students are reminded to please be QUIET and RESPECTFUL as you walk through the halls.  Congratulations, 8th grade!!

  • If you would like to see the Promotion Ceremony for yourself, it will be streaming LIVE all morning.  Just have your teacher activate the “VLC shortcut” on their computer, then go to the “staff share drive”, select “Public”, then “Video Links”, “Williamsburg Middle School”, and finally “WMS Promotion”.  Enjoy the show!

  • Have you lost anything this year? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in the lost and found! Students are encouraged to drop by the cafeteria Lost and Found today and tomorrow — where you may just find some long lost treasures. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity — so take a look before it’s too late!!

  • Listen up, readers: it’s time to RETURN YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS. There are still over 200 of overdue books out there, and they’re all due ASAP! Students may drop off their books in the library or to the cart outside of the cafeteria. So look in your bag, your locker, and under your bed at home — and BRING IN YOUR BOOKS!!

  • And speaking of books:  the library is giving them away!  That’s right, the school library is clearing its shelves — and students have “first dibs” on discards.  Realistic and historical fiction, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy — they’ve got it all.  Just ask your English or Reading teacher for a pass to the library and take a look.  You can build your own library at home!
  • This is your LAST CHANCE to CLEAN OUT YOUR LOCKERS!  Everything must go — but PLEASE don’t just throw everything away.  Textbooks should be returned to teachers; library books go back to the library; and unused school supplies may be donated to deserving students.  Also, make sure you’re recycling all that paper!