• The SOLs continue today — with 6th graders on all teams taking the READING exam. The 6th grade testing window will run from 8 am. until 10:36, while both the 7th and 8th grades will follow a REGULAR class schedule.    Testing locations are listed outside of the WMS Library, or you can check with your TA teacher. And when you arrive at your testing location, students are reminded to WAIT OUTSIDE for the examiner to check you in.  Again, do NOT take your seat until the examiner has taken attendance.
    Test-takers are reminded that you may ONLY bring the following items: your fully-charged iPad, a pencil or pen, a book to read, and earbuds ONLY if you have an approved audio accommodation for the test. You may NOT bring: backpacks or cinch sacks; any other electronic devises such as phones, watches, game consoles and the like; nor any water or snacks. And of course, there is zero tolerance for CHEATING.
    And for all those students who are NOT testing today — please remember to be quiet and respectful in the halls. Teachers will be monitoring the hallways to ensure that there are no disruptions. Any other questions or concerns? Check with your teachers or grade level counselors. Good luck on your SOL, 6th graders!
  • Did you get a good breakfast today? On EVERY scheduled SOL testing day from now until June, the WMS cafeteria will be offering a FREE BREAKFAST to all students, from 7:25 to 7:50 a.m. It’s a FACT that a healthy breakfast fuels both your body AND your mind.  So give yourself the best chance for success, and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!
  • The WMS Library will be CLOSED today during SOL testing hours. But it WILL be open after school.  So be sure to stop by this afternoon and get yourself something good to read for after your SOL!
  • It’s DAY 3 of Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week — and today’s event is the WEDNESDAY RAFFLE!  THIRTY winning names were picked at random — and each winner will receive a special prize, courtesy of the WMS PTA.  And the winners are —
    –Mr. Johnson
    –Ms. Bosset
    –Mr. Clark
    –Ms. Delgado
    –Ms. Kennedy
    –Ms. Flores
    –Ms. Chea
    –Mr. Hicks
    –Ms. Ascenzi
    –Mr. Dudek
    –Ms. Martin
    –Ms. Ly
    –Mr. Woodson
    –Ms. Richard
    –Ms. Osler
    –Mr. Luengo
    –Ms. Briones
    –Ms. Cameron
    –Ms. Berree
    –Ms. Datillo
    –Ms. Field
    –Ms. Hogwood
    –Mr. Schonfeld
    –Ms. Japec
    –Mr. Keimig
    –Ms. Mccarty
    –Ms. Post
    –Mr. Eason
    –Ms. Mays
    –and Mr. Klink!
    Congratulations, one and all!  Be sure to stop by the Teacher’s Lounge TODAY to claim your prize.  And as always: THANK YOU, TEACHERS!!
  • This week’s WMS Kindness Club meeting has been RESCHEDULED for THURSDAY during ASP 1 in room 134. Participants will be starting construction on their special school project — and there’s plenty of work to go around. And of course, new members are always welcome to join! See Mr. Johnson, Ms. Schaefer, or Ms. Zeller with any questions.
  • And finally today, it’s time for another Mindful Moment — to help us get centered and focused as we begin our day.  So let’s just take a moment… and BREATHE.