• We begin today with a special guest here at WOLF-TV.  Please welcome our new principal — Ms. Connie Skelton!
  • Good morning, wolves!  My name is Connie Skelton, and I am honored to be the new principal here at Williamsburg Middle School.I am taking over for Principal Gordon Laurie, who led this school with distinction for the past two years.  As Mr. Laurie takes his leave, we thank him for his dedication — and wish him all the best in the future.

    Now let me tell you a bit about myself:  way back in 1992, I was a science teacher right here at WMS!  After that, I became a science specialist, and then a science supervisor — as you can tell, I REALLY love science.

    Then, I served as the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for the entire Arlington Public School system.  And now, 25 years after I began teaching here, I have returned as the new Principal. And I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming.

    The best part about being principal is I get to be around you kids every day.  You’ll see me in the halls, in the cafeteria, in your classrooms, and even after school at sports and events.  I genuinely hope you’ll come up and introduce yourself!

    Because the MOST important thing to me — the FOCUS of my job here — is YOU, the students of Williamsburg Middle School.  Your learning, your safety, and your SUCCESS mean more to me than anything else.  And I honestly believe that — together — we’ll do great things this year.

    I’ll see you soon, and let’s hear it for Wolf Pack Pride!

  • Back to business!  It’s Day 2 of the 8th grade writing SOL.  Today, the Hokies and Patriots will take the multiple choice portion of the test.  Then on Monday the Cavs and Rams are scheduled for the Writing portion, followed once again by the Hokies and Patriots on Tuesday.
  • When going to your testing locations, you will NOT be allowed to bring your backpacks, water, snacks nor ANY electronic devices — including phones, iPads, smart watches, or anything else. But you SHOULD bring a pencil or pen, and a BOOK to read in case you finish early — but again, no electronic readers. If you are not sure where you’re testing, just ask your TA teacher or check the postings outside of the cafeteria, the Gym, and the English trailer. Good luck on the SOL, 8th graders!
  • And even if you’re NOT testing today — students are reminded to be QUIET and CONSIDERATE when walking through the halls between classes. Teachers will be posted by the Gym, the World Language hall, and the Library to ensure that EVERYONE acts responsibly. Also, it is VERY important that all phones and iPads remain OFF and disconnected from the WMS Wi-Fi during testing. Thanks for your help, wolves!
  • The next Sister Circle meeting is scheduled for MONDAY during ASP 1 in room 233. Participants will be discussing strategies for effective leadership. Group members and supporters are welcome! See Ms. Pointer with any questions.
  • Today is your LAST CHANCE to make your Sweet Sixteen picks for the March Madness — Tournament of Books!  To play, just scan the QR code by the cafeteria, or go to the WOLF-TV section of the WMS website.  May the best book win!
  • The Model UN Club will have a pair of IMPORTANT meetings next week: on TUESDAY, 8th graders will be preparing for WOLFMUN, then on THURSDAY participants be working on TECHMUN — both during ASP 1 in room 202. Please see Mrs. Carlson with any questions.

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