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  • The PTA “No Frills Fundraiser” is going strong — and that means GOOD NEWS for a lucky TA this morning.  Please welcome our principal — Mr. Laurie — to find out who’s going to be the next Donut Hero!
  • Good morning, wolves!  I am so pleased to be here today.  The PTA “No Frills Fundraiser” supports numerous WMS programs and events — and I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by all the generous contributions so far.  As a “thank you” for your donations, it’s now time to select our weekly winner for the “Donut Hero” TA breakfast!  And the Donut Hero is: ______________.  Congratulations!  The PTA will be in touch with your TA teacher to schedule the party.  Keep those donations coming everybody — and YOU could be the next Donut Hero!
  • Thanks, Mr. Laurie!  And if YOU or your parents would like to support the PTA, just go to the “WMS PTA” link on the WMS homepage, then select “No Frills Fundraiser” to make a donation.
  • Brush your hair, wash your face, and smile for the camera, everybody — because TODAY is PICTURE DAY at WMS!! Student photographs will be taken during PE class, so be sure to bring your “picture order form” with you. Extras are located in the office. Please see Ms. Argenal with any questions. Say cheese!!
  • Calling all members of the “Inked Writing Club”– there will be no meeting today. Once again, the “Inked” is cancelled. Please see Ms. Martin for information about the next meeting.
  • This is a reminder for all students taking the “Credit by Exam!” Your test will be TOMORROW, Tuesday, at 9:00 am at Wakefield High School. Please remember that there is no school that day — due to the Presidential Election — so you will need to arrange your own transportation. See Ms. Soto Villalba with any questions, and GOOD LUCK!! And now — en Espanol!!
    Este es un recordatorio para todos los estudiantes que van a tomar el “crédito por examen”. El examen será mañana, Martes, a las 9:00 de la mañana en la Escuela Secundaria Wakefield. Por favor, recuerde que no hay escuela ese día – debido a la elección presidencial – por lo que tendrá que tener su propio medio de transporte para ir a tomar el examen. Hable con la Sra. Soto Villalba si tiene alguna pregunta, y ¡BUENA SUERTE !
  • Tweet, Tweet, Williamsburg! WMS students are invited to join a new after school “Bird Club!” If you love nature — this club will have you “flying high.” Get it?! The bi-weekly meetings start this THURSDAY during ASP 1 in room 112. Please see Ms. Araya to sign-up, or with any questions.
  • Model UN members who would like to attend the upcoming Williams and Mary Conference MUST turn in their applications by this THURSDAY. Please see Ms. Carlson to get the form, or with any questions.
  • Williamsburg is full of so many interesting staff members! But most of us don’t know that much about them. Well, that’s about to change! WOLF-TV’s “Staff Profile of the Week” will introduce us to the PERSON behind the TEACHER.
    Students AND staff are invited to submit YOUR CHOICE for our weekly profile show. Just go to the Morning Announcements Blog on the WMS homepage — then tell us WHO you want, and WHY! Thanks, wolves. And Hurray for our WMS staff!!!
    “STAFF PROFILE OF THE WEEK” — *CLICK HERE* to submit your suggestion!
  • Just ONE DAY remains until the American people elect a new President. And while you have to be 18 years old in order to vote — there’s no age limit on having an OPINION.
    So stay tuned for WOLF-TV’s newest segment — “Students on the Street” — and find out what KIDS think about this crazy election!
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