Ms. Field Research

Science Project EasyBib review

6th Grade ELA Research

Recommended databases

Citing Databases in EasyBib:

  • Find the MLA citation at the beginning or end of the article
  • Copy the citation
  • In EasyBib, click the”All 59 Options” tab
Teen Health and Wellness
  • Choose “Write/Paste Citation” in the first column
  • Paste citation into text field
  • Click “Create Citation”
 InfoTrac Junion  Health and Wellness Gateway

Passwords are needed for home use. Passwords are located in Blackboard.

  • Log into Blackboard, choose “For Students” at the top, choose “Online Library” at the top, choose “Secondary Library Online” on the left.

Recommended websites

{Cite by copying and pasting URL, or web address, into EasyBib and filling out any missing info. Be sure to click “Create Citation.”}

  • Mayo Clinic – Look at menu on the left side of the page once you have clicked on your search topic.
  • Teens Health – Type your search term in the field available.
  • EasyBib – For your citations.

6th Grade Science EasyBib Practice

Dr. Rushing’s classes Genre-fy the library

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Mrs. Hendry’s Classes’ Voki Booktalks

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld

Diane T.

Project Prep

6th Grade Website Evaluation

Links and keywords for Empathy project

Some keywords and phrases for web searches:

  • strategies to deal with condition
    • (Google search keywords: coping with, living with, dealing with)
  • how others view a person with this condition
    • (Google search keywords:  stereotypes, myths about, misconceptions, society’s view of, reactions to, public perception)

6th Grade EasyBib practice



  • Washington at Valley Forge by Russell Freedman