Each summer, the Arlington Public librarians and Arlington School librarians choose TAB books for the upcoming year’s TAB book club. TABPicks are the top 10 (or 11) reads as voted on by TAB members from a field of over 50 books.

Here are some of Williamsburg’s recent TABPicks:

2018-2019 TABPicks

2017-2018 TABPicks

2016-2017 TABPicks

2015-2016 TABPicks

2014-2015 TABPicks

TAB books circulated 280 times this year. These are your favorite.
WMS TABPicks (Padlet) – for the visual!


2013-2014 TABPicks

WMS TABPicks (Padlet) – for the visual!

2012-2013 TABPicks

2011 – 2012 TABPicks