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Welcome to Williamsburg Middle School Gifted Services!

Please take a look through the helpful links below to discover more about what Williamsburg Middle School has to offer to our growing scholars.

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  • Gifted Services Information Night…date to be determined, more information will follow! Last year’s presentation: Gifted Presentation 2019-2020

The Goals of Gifted Services include the following:

  • To identify students in grades K-12 in Specific Academic Aptitude(s) and Visual/Performing Arts Aptitude.
  • To provide appropriate differentiated services based on information provided in the identification process to meet the identified student’s unique learning needs.
  • To train teachers and other professional educators who instruct gifted students in learning characteristics and behaviors of gifted children and differentiation of content, skills, activities, and product development.
  • To encourage involvement of parents and the community-at-large in the educational program of gifted students.





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