2020-2021 SOL Information

**CORRECTION: The 8th Grade SOL for Distance Learning students is on May 24th, not May 8th.

All students will take SOLs on their school issued iPads. SOL tests will be given in person only on Mondays for all distance learning students. Monday is the only day transportation will be provided for distance learning students who are eligible for transportation services and are taking an SOL exam.

All SOL tests will be taken in-person at WMS during May and June with safety protocols in place. The schedule below reflects testing days based on student pathways:

Full-Time Distance Learners: Grades 6-7
Mathematics: May 17
Reading: May 10

Full-Time Distance Learners: Grade 8
Mathematics: June 14
Reading: June 7
Science: May 24th

Hybrid Students (Tuesday/ Wednesday)
Mathematics (Grades 6-8): June 2
Reading (Grades 6-8): May 25
Science (Grade 8): May 18

Hybrid Students (Thursday/Friday)
Mathematics (Grades 6-8): June 4
Reading (Grades 6-8): May 27
Science (Grade 8): May 20

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