Social Studies Department

ss  Social Studies Department

6th Grade Teachers

Ms. Patricia Carlson –

Mr. Sean Kennedy –

Mr. Lawrence Peacock –

Mr. Aaron Tagert –

Ms. Sara Winter –

7th Grade Teachers

Mr. Thomas Feeney –

Ms. Nicolette Tosner – 

Mr. Chris Seeger –

Ms. Patty Tuttle-Newby –

8th Grade Geography Teachers

Mr. Jesse Klink –

Mr. Chris McDermott –

Mr. Keith Miller –

Ms. Lisa Murphy –

Mr. Christopher Treble –

Ms. Ana Sicer –



WMS Social Studies

RT @WMS_WolfDen: In Mr. McDermott’s room reading current events articles related to Africa, posting analysis & engaging in discussion with…
Published February 26, 19 11:57AM

WMS Social Studies

RT @JodyOslerWMS: Part of the WMS 7th Grade Citizenship Portfolio Project, students gathered to "say something" about various issues facing…
Published December 19, 18 6:20AM

WMS Social Studies

RT @RowdenWMS: Mr. Tagert's 6th grade delegates at the Constitutional Convention - each delegate had a role to play and shared their views…
Published February 24, 18 7:40PM