Science Department

science   Science Department

6th Grade Teachers

Ms. Maria Araya –

Ms. Lisa Blandford –

Mr. Colin Sundwick –

Ms. Vicky Woodbury –

Mr. Sean Kennedy –

7th Grade Teachers

Ms. Laila Muhammad –

Ms. Aretha Smith –

Ms. Katherine Willet –

Ms. Christy Zarro – 

Ms. Heather Fieldman –

8th Grade Teachers

Ms. Stephanie Japec –

Ms. Marianne Lawrence –

Ms. Latanja Thomas –

Ms. Lisa Warden –

Ms. Lisa Murphy –

Ms. Darcy Compton



WMS Science

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WMS Science

RT @WMS_WolfDen: This will really stick with your students and staff. A science teachers came in to say her students were reminding each ot…
Published February 07, 19 12:23PM

WMS Science

RT @WMSKindnessclub: The Kindness Club appreciates every staff member here at WMS!! Thank you for all that you do and here is our token of…
Published January 27, 19 11:24AM