Ultimate Frisbee

Schedule Ultimate2

Girls start: 9/10/2018          Boys start: 10/15/2018

None.  All athletes are welcome to compete regardless of experience.

Playing time will be allotted by practice attendance, enthusiasm, and ability.  All players will play in at least one game, if not more.

 Practice Dates

9/10 – Girls: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

10/15 – Boys: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


 Practice Time & Location  2:30-4:10 pm at Williamsburg fields
Coach: Will Smokinski
Equipment Athletic Apparel (P.E. Clothes are OK) Athletic shoes/cleats Water Bottle
The WMS Ultimate team holds fun, personal growth and Spirit of the Game as it’s highest priorities.  We hold high expectations of our coaches, athletes, and spectators to help maintain a positive competitive environment that fosters competition but does not compromise integrity or objectivity.  Winning and losing are not a focus of what we do, we are looking to achieve at our highest level.