School Awards

Williamsburg activity Letter and Star are earned for participation in school sponsored activities. Students earn a letter and stars by accumulating points,which are awarded for participating in extracurricular activities.

Point Requirements to Earn a Letter

Eighth Grade 120 points
Seventh Grade 100 points
Sixth Grade 80 points
New Eighth Grade 60 points
New Seventh Grade 80 points
Stars are awarded to students who earn 40 additional points

Categories for Service Points

Categories Point Range
SCA 1-30
Morning Announcement Crew 1-20
Morning Announcement Anchors 5-10
Perfect Attendance 10
Teacher Helper 1-10
Club Member 1-20
Competition Participant: i.e. Talent Show,
Oratorical Contest, District Music Festivals
Guide/Usher 1-5
Music Ensembles 1-20
Drama Productions 1-30
Service Projects 1-5
Scholarship Points
Williamsburg Middle School Science Fair
Regional Science Fair
VJAS 1-10
Knowledge Masters and Math Counts 1-10 per semester
Continental Math League, Latin Examination, Essay Contests, Virginia Math League, Geography 1-10
Principal”s List 20 per quarter
Honor Roll 10 per quarter
Academic Fairs 10 first place
8 for placing
Teacher/ Sponsor Bonus 1-5
Athletics Points
Team Participation 1-10
Cheerleading 1-20
Intramural 1-10 per semester